Planning Your Session

Arrive Early

If you show up late or not ready, you will have less time with the camera. If you need to get ready here (hair, makeup, etc.) please arrive early enough to do so.


  • Avoid stripes, plaid, and patterns. Solid colors/tones photograph much better.
  • Bring a variety of colors, don’t bring more than 2 blue outfits even if it is your favorite color.
  • Avoid clothing that has wording on it except for you own school logos and text.
  • Vary the style, all one look (like t-shirts and jeans) gets boring.
  • Vary the dress level, bring some dressy, some medium and some casual.
  • If you are wanting black and white “glamour” shots, wear black clothing.
  • For outdoor sessions is recommendable to bring a pair of flat shoes or sandals to walk-in between spots.


Avoid changing your hairstyle or cutting your hair right before your session. Avoid dramatic changes to your hair in the weeks leading up to your session. It is ok to show up early in curlers if you need to. Hair style is ultimately your responsibility, and a very important one.


Avoid using too much makeup. To avoid too shiny a face, use matte-formula makeup to cover blemishes. Exfoliate your lips; is really hard, almost impossible touch up chapped cracked lips in a photo.
Conceal blemishes using light foundation. Only place this foundation where you think it is needed, avoid caking your whole face in it. Lengthen your lashes; Lashes tend to look a little bare and sparse on the camera.


Avoid Sunburns! Sunburn and peeling skin never photograph well!! Tan, yes, burn, no.Tan lines are not attractive in portraits. We suggest you vary your swimsuit top or use a tanning bed to minimize any tan marks. Tan lines in your images will only be retouched for an additional fee.

Friends and Parents

In regular session, friends or parents are welcome. You can have a couple of shots with a boyfriend, girlfriend, best friend or sibling at no extra charge.

Tattoos, Scars, Braces, Piercings

Just let the photographer know if you want tattoos to show or not. Scars are not automatically retouched, but can be removed or softened at your request. Extensive work may have a slight extra charge. If you have braces, don’t fight smiling; a braces smile is better than a “holding back a smile” look, and can be corrected later.


If you finished reading the above text, it means you are ready to book your Session!

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